It is a shocking experience when your vehicle is hit from behind. You are going about your business when you are suddenly shocked by someone not paying attention to what is in front of them. These types of incidents can result in serious injuries as well as property damage to your vehicle. After the accident you will have to spend time, which you may not have to spare, going to doctor appointments and trying to find transportation just so you can get around. Springfield Injury Law Tom Kapstrom is a rear end collision attorney who assists residents of Southwest Missouri who have been the victims of a rear-end collision. Contact our office today for a free case assessment.

Rear End Collision Attorney

Springfield Rear End Collision Attorney Helping Victims Of Rear-End Auto Accidents

There are a number of ways in a which an innocent driver may be rear-ended. The other driver may have been following too closely. Also, the other driver may not have been paying attention and failed to slow down in time while approaching an intersection or a stop sign, and your vehicle was rear-ended as a result. This can result in bodily injuries, mental and emotional trauma, property damages, as well as financial harm stemming from missed work and medical bills. Missouri law protects you in such a situation. Our state has a five-year statute of limitations for auto accidents. This means you have up to five years after the incident to bring a claim for your injuries. Also, our state’s comparative negligence laws allow you to potentially recover even if you were partially at fault for the accident. Having an attorney who understands the process is key to ensuring that you get what you deserve.

Springfield Injury Law Tom Kapstrom is a rear end collision attorney who regularly assists those who have been the victim of auto accidents, including rear-end collisions. Once retained, Tom will immediately determine the cause of the accident by acquiring the police reports, identifying witnesses, and taking all necessary steps to establish that the other driver was at fault. He will quickly contact the other driver’s insurance company and worry about the process so you can worry about the most important thing - getting your life back on track. If the insurance company does not want to provide you with the compensation you deserve then Tom will not hesitate to file a Complaint in the Circuit Court and initiate a lawsuit. If this is necessary then our office will utilize the discovery process to establish your damages and prove fault. We are ready to assist you.

Southwest Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer With Extensive Experience In Rear-End Collision Cases

As a rear end collision attorney, Tom has extensive experience in rear-end collision cases. After graduating law school in 2003, he spent an extensive amount of time working for an insurance defense firm. This provided him insight into the tactics and strategies that will be used to keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. Our firm was founded with the belief that your well-being is more important than the profits of an insurance company. This is why Tom provides a high level of personal service to all of his clients. He is the one who handles all matters in the office while many other firms would have your case handled by a paralegal or other assistant. Many of Tom’s clients receive his personal cell phone number so they can remain in contact with their attorney and he often meets with clients after hours in order to accommodate their schedules.

Our Springfield Missouri personal injury law firm is ready to assist residents throughout Southwest Missouri. This includes those in Polk, Christian, Stone, Taney, and Webster Counties. Contact us today for a free assessment of your case.