People often have their lives devastated when they are injured on a motorcycle. A rider is far less protected than a automobile driver when he or she is struck by another vehicle. This lack of protection can lead to more severe injuries which, unfortunately, are more likely to be permanent and/or disabling. If you have been injured while riding a motorcycle then you may require ongoing care. You need an experienced attorney who provides a high level of service. Tom Kapstrom is a Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer who aggressively protects Southwest Missouri residents who  have been injured while on a motorcycle. Contact our office today for a free case assessment.

Springfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Springfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Understands The Needs Of Missouri Residents Injured In Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are exposed to injury when they are hit by a car. This exposure leads to severe head injuries, joint damage, and permanent harm which may require ongoing care. These types of injuries are heavily litigated by insurance companies who do not want to pay the fair value of such harm. This makes proving the worth of your injuries critical in such cases. Proving damages in a case requires the following:

  • Establishing that all care you received was due to the accident and not a pre-existing injury
  • Proving that the care rendered was in fact necessary and not elective
  • Establishing the extent to which one may have suffered permanent injury due to the accident
  • Proving the financial amount that will be required to provide ongoing medical care

A Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer can help you establish these facts through the use of experts. Just as important, however, your attorney must establish that the arguments and estimates of the insurance company’s experts are flawed. An experienced lawyer can help you do this by attacking, through the discovery process, how the insurance company is calculating your damages. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident then it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney to handle your case.

Springfield personal injury lawyer Tom Kapstrom has extensive experience as an insurance defense firm employee provides him with valuable insight as to how a lawyer should proceed in cases involving motorcycle injuries. Tom will quickly acquire all the necessary police reports and retain the right experts so that your damages are properly established. He will use the discovery process to show why the opposing expert’s estimates of your true harm should not be trusted. Most importantly, he will keep you up to date each step of the way so that you know what is going on with your case. If you are a Missouri resident who has been injured on a motorcycle then you have enough to worry about. The quality of your attorney should not be another concern. Contact Springfield Injury Law today.

Southwest Missouri injury lawyer Using The Law to Protect Motorcycle Injury Victims

Victims of Missouri motorcycle accidents receive more legal protection than that received by people in many other states. Missouri provides a five year statute of limitations, rather than two, in which one may bring a claim. Our state also has more favorable comparative fault laws which allow for a motorcycle rider to recover even if he or she was partially responsible for the accident. Tom will use the favorable laws of our state to ensure that you receive a fair amount for the harm you have suffered. Contact our office today.