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Understanding Personal Injury Law In Missouri

Judge with gavelThis is the first post in what will be a series regarding “Understanding Personal Injury Laws in Missouri”. I am writing this series in order to help people who have been injured in an automobile accident to better understand some of our state’s personal injury laws which could affect their case.

Personal injury laws in Missouri can be very difficult to navigate, even for attorneys, and trying to do so after being involved in an accident only adds to your stress and anxiety. After working for over a decade in the insurance defense industry and then as a solo practitioner, I have identified several areas of personal injury law that seem to cause the most confusion. This blog series will clarify those laws and should help you better understand a your personal injury claim. This series will cover topics such as:

  • Pure comparative negligence and how you can still recover for your damages even if you were 99% at fault for the accident
  • Missouri’s five year statute of limitations for personal injury and how it better protects residents than the statute of limitations in other states
  • R.S. Mo. Section 303.390.1 often referred to as Missouri’s “no pay, no play statute”
  • Why Missouri’s more favorable personal injury laws promote and protect fairness

As the series progresses I will add other topics of interest from reader responses. I will also update the blog should laws change or important cases are decided which might change the interpretation of existing laws, so check in periodically to make sure your knowledge on personal injury laws is up to date.

Are there other personal injury issues you find confusing? Please feel free to reply in the comment box below to suggest a topic for this series. All feedback is welcome and appreciated. If you have been injured in an auto accident then feel free to contact me today.