Nothing is more devastating than to lose a loved one. The grief and sorrow of a death becomes exponentially worse when it is due to the negligence or carelessness of a third-party. While no amount of money can ever bring a loved one back, our civil justice system has mechanisms in place to offset the financial and emotional harm caused in such matters. Springfield Injury Law Tom Kapstrom Wrongful Death Case Attorney who provides a high level of service and attention to all of his clients - especially those facing a wrongful death situation. We are ready to assist you in this time of tragedy.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful Death Case Attorney Holding Wrongdoers Accountable

The world is unfortunately a more dangerous place than many of us realize. Every day in our society there are people who are going about their business when they suddenly become the most victim of another’s negligence. Wrongful death cases arise in a number of contexts which include:

Such matters often leave the loved ones of the victim with extensive expenses, lost income, as well as emotional turmoil that can go on for years. Each of these factors will be factored into any award given by an insurance company or jury. If you have suffered a tragedy due to the negligence of another then contact an attorney immediately.

Springfield Injury Law Tom Kapstrom is an experienced Wrongful Death Case Attorney who is ready to assist any southwest Missouri resident who has suffered a wrongful death. A former employee of an insurance defense firm, Tom has extensive experience in catastrophic loss cases and is familiar with the tactics that insurance companies will use in an effort to avoid fair compensation. Tom will closely monitor any accompanying criminal case against the wrongdoer as it will impact the civil matter. He will employ the necessary economic experts in order to prove the amount of harm a family has suffered due to a wrongful death. Most importantly, he will provide the family and friends of the victims with the personal attention they deserve in this time of crisis. Call our Springfield office immediately.

Springfield Lawyer Providing A High Level Of Personal Attention In Missouri Wrongful Death Cases

Tom provides a high level of service to all of his clients, especially those faced with a wrongful death case. In such instances Tom will often travel to the homes of the family members so they do not have to travel to his office. He will provide the loved one’s with his cell phone number so that he can be accessible in their time of need. He will send regular status updates so that everyone is regularly kept up to date as to the status of the case. He does these things out of an understanding that you have suffered enough and he is ready to offer assistance.

Tom’s Springfield office handles wrongful death cases throughout southwest Missouri. Areas he services include Polk, Christian, Stone, Taney, Webster, Wright, and Lawrence Counties as well as the Ozarks.